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Moreover, it suggests that one view on women’s breast size is that it acts as a “signal of fat reserves, which in turn advertises access to resources”.2.

I’m saying you’re a weenie for posting it on a dating profile. We look like two links of blood sausages standing on end (about as appetizing as haggis).

I have lots of them, so that is not a problem.”In any case, we’re not here to talk about women.

They’re going to post bikini shots whether we like them or not (most of us like them, by the way). Something is wrong when a man posts a bikini shot and expects his phone to start ringing off the hook.

There’s no evidence this should — or messages with a “dressed-down selfie,” men get eight percent fewer.“I’d be turned off unless the guy made it into a joke by wearing one of those horse-head masks,” one woman quipped, “or dressed in a striped leotard with a big moustache like an old-timey circus strongman.”Another woman said, “We all know men breathe through their nipples.”A man on reddit pointed out that he didn’t get any responses with the “nice guy looking nice” photos.

Indeed, there are countless studies dedicated to unearthing the mystery of their enchanting allure, with some research providing particularly comical insight into our perception of breasts and personal preferences.

While the legitimacy of many of these so-called “scientific findings” is questionable, here is a list of the weirdest boob studies out there worthy of mention:1.

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It wasn’t until he posted some “douchey” shots that he found his Inbox full.

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