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Dating a leo man tips

To get the attention of a male Lion, shower him with praise. If he's relating some daring narrative, be spellbound.Compliment him in some way: his looks, his fashion sense, his sense of humor, his expertise on a subject.Leo is a fixed sign and hence, you will see the fixity to manifest itself in his nature – whether it be in his opinions or actions.It will be hard for you to get the Leo man to change his mind, much less alter his course of action.If you are in love with a Leo man, let’s issue this fair warning first – a Leo man in love isn’t an easy being.The uphill task shall involve keeping pace with his animal magnetism, his enthusiastic, gregarious spirit, and the thirst for power.

Your gentle kitty cat will bare his fangs and claws in either scenario, and turn into a roaring beast!Although he sticks to some traditional values, he still likes his partners strong and willful, fiery enough for the passion to flow.He will never settle down for a woman with low self-esteem who thinks of sex as a routine or an obligation.And because the Leo man is more than certain he’s always right, he’s unlikely to even hear your side of the story on most occasions. The Leonine temper isn’t a pretty sight when flared If you get on the wrong side of a Leo man, it won’t be long until his claws are bared and manes fluffed.Remember that his roar is worse than his bite and you’d do better to use a gloved hand and a gentle touch to contain his fiery temper rather than provoke the wild beast for a fight.

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This is a man who falls in love in an incredibly warm and cuddly way.

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