Dating aggression

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“The first of these is adolescent’s sensitivity to rejection from important people in their lives, a belief system which has been labeled ‘rejection sensitivity.’ The second is the adolescents’ susceptibility to mimic their peers’ attitudes and behavior and to allow them to overly influence their own beliefs and behaviors, a tendency referred to as ‘susceptibility to peer influence.’ Both of these characteristics shape the way that adolescents relate to their peers and the degree to which they may be influenced by them.” Studies of prevention programs reviewed in the article show that “it is important that these programs take into account the powerful role that the peer group plays in shaping individuals’ attitudes and behavior towards dating.” The authors’ describe the RISE (Respect in Schools Everywhere) program, an example of a peer-led approach that demonstrates the power of peer influence in preventing dating aggression.

“Connelly and Friedlander clearly show how adults can work together to both prevent dating violence and intervene when it occurs,” says Ungerleider.

For our mothers, traditionally, that was unacceptable.Peer groups are central to adolescent dating because it is within these groups that teens meet potential romantic partners and learn dating norms. Adolescents’ peer groups play a role not only in facilitating dating, but also in shaping violence-tolerant attitudes as well as the tendency to use aggression within relationships when conflicts arise.” Connelly and Friedlander’s article, “Peer Group Influences on Adolescent Dating Aggression,” explores the impact of dating aggression, discusses the role of the peer group in adolescent dating and dating aggression, and describes a prevention program based on a model of peer engagement.In The Prevention Researcher, Jennifer Connelly, Ph. Among their important research findings, the authors note that certain adolescent characteristics heighten the risk of dating aggression.Dating and sexual aggression often co-occur (for example, someone who perpetrates physical dating aggression is also more likely to perpetrate sexual aggression toward an acquaintance), and, since they share many of the same etiological risk factors, are often examined together in research and targeted concurrently in prevention programming.and these consequences underscore the critical importance of developing and implementing evidence-based dating and sexual aggression prevention efforts for adolescents.

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Following Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe’s dramatic departure—she sued the company for sexual harassment and published her text conversations with fellow co-founder Justin Mateen as evidence—the 26-year-old hasn’t retreated from the online dating space. communities a priority, though it has yet to introduce any particularly innovative features to that end. about what inspired Bumble, what it’s like to date as a millennial, and what is yet to come in the business of digital romance.

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