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The classic Alcoholics Anonymous slogan “One Day at a Time” could have been written for her.A lifelong alcoholic, she is always vulnerable to drink, and falls off the wagon when the pressure is strong enough.Hayden stops by Finn’s and complains about the children. He tries to calm her down and explains that his test came back positive. They need a distraction so they head to the shower.Later, as they dry out, they think about who must be framing him. They’re not sure how they will get evidence so they have sex.

It’s air Jan in the UK for the last few season, however FOX in the US are messing around with the schedule at the moment, so that will cause issues here.

Lately, the pressure has been very strong — the public revelation that she mothered Dylan Mc Avoy as a young girl when she was a member of a cult led by Ian Ward.

Although she was having an affair with Ian, her baby turned out to be fathered by her friend Paul Williams..

Happily, when she sobered up she was mortified that she’d done something stupid.

Another attention-getting couple is Michelle Stafford and Roger Howarth, who have been given a few funny and charming scenes lately in which the unlikely couple Nina Clay and Franco build a friendship.

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