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Sally’s date-to-be lived near a lake, and Sally had a boat.

“Maybe I can finally get that boat in the water,” she mused.

Her best friend Sam convinces her to take the plunge and ask her out. I saw it as a part of a series of lesbian shorts put together by Power Up at this year's National Women's Music Festival.

I was impressed enough to come here looking for more information on the flick.

I was impressed with her enthusiasm…but then she started thinking out loud.

This was not a case of someone taking advantage of me. Spend your money on fixing before you try to "get fixed up" with someone else. Straight people sometimes want to know "what it is" to be gay so they "try" it out. Some are unhappy because they are no longer in love with their spouses. And sometimes these people fall in love with the same sex. I was talking to a friend who said kissing was not sex but a therapist said lots of things are sex.

It was a case of wanting to have the finer experiences without placing the other person at disadvantage. Others are unhappy because they realize that they never were. I think that the real question is can the person behave in a mature manner dealing with their current responsibilities and still offer themselves in a committed way to someone new regardless of gender? Our president had an interesting view of what sex was.

I'm a home body but I love to take walks in nature.

I do tend to be honest to a fault so if you ask me a question you are going to get the truth not some sugar coated answer.

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However, it’s not unusual for two people in this day and age to make their own way to a date.

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