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Being open about one's sexual orientation, such as being a lesbian, gay or bisexual person, is considered a taboo in Pakistan.

Even in large cities, gays and lesbians have to be highly discreet about their sexual orientation.

A majority of Pakistan’s smartphone users, 62.5% to be exact, connects with internet via Wifi mostly from home, while only a quarter of them use internet on the go.

In its study on smartphone usage, Grappetite – a mobile phone application developing company – finds that only 12% of smartphone users live without internet.

Noor Jehan, a newly recruited Pink Taxi driver, first worked as a maid and then as a driver for her female employer.

She said there was a need for such a service as most women “think thrice” before getting in a vehicle driven by a man.

A report by Karachi’s Urban Resource Center found most female commuters experience some form of sexual harassment while using public transport.

Women in Pakistan‘s commercial hub Karachi are set to ride taxis driven by women in an initiative to protect female customers from the sexual harassment they commonly face when travelling around the teeming city.

From Thursday, women will be able to call the cab service — called Pink Taxi — by phone, a mobile app, SMS or simply by hailing one on the street, said Ambreen Sheikh, who is launching the service with her husband Zahid Sheikh.

Six armed men fought a gun battle with police before a truck filled with explosive rammed the headquarters of Karachi's Criminal Investigation Department, detonated and levelled the building.

As one of Britain's most prominent exiled Pakistani politicians and the subject of long-standing death threats, Imran Farooq was always cautious about his security.

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Tens of thousands of people rallied in Pakistan's largest city yesterday in support of Malala Yousufzai, the 14-year-old girl shot and critically wounded by the Taliban last week for promoting girls' education and criticising the Islamist group. A middle-aged nonentity, a political failure outstripped by history – by the millions of Arabs demanding freedom and democracy in the Middle East – died in Pakistan yesterday. Militants launched a gun and bomb attack on the anti-terrorist police headquarters in Pakistan's largest city yesterday, killing at least 26 people and injuring more than 100 others.