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Validating french rail tickets

Italia Rail cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies of any kind, which may appear on any other site that is linked to this site.Italia Rail reserves the right to update and make any changes to this site at any time, without notice to the user.May 15: 0 balance of the fee .50 of GST (5% on the full tuition amount) cost of VIA Rail ticket CPF membership fee/family are due.I would guess that the ticket shows the date and time of departure?We protested the fine and the conductor requested our passport details. I have been reading forums on the same topic and understand that in some cases tourists were required to pay Euro 5 or 10 per ticket for on-board validation, which can apparently be done if the conductor is satisfied that there was no attempt to defraud by the tourist. I am aware that it was our responsibility to validate the tickets.

You just need to enter the PNR indicated on the pro-forma invoice and, in some cases, your name.TOD service is not available for all train services.Train services offering TOD are the following: TOD eligibility: to be able to make a “TOD booking”, ALL products in the booking must be “TOD eligible”.IC and other domestic trains in Belgium are non reserved, and thus your ticket is valid for any train on the route.As an aside, having to "validate" a ticket before boarding is the exception in Europe, not he norm... After I'd written that first post I suspected I'd fantasised validating my train ticket in Belgium but was unable to edit because micolett had replied. :-) Actually the rule of thumb is "does it say so on the ticket".

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